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SOR Enterprise is manufacturing of industrial and commercial Electrical earthing and grounding Materials. It also provides all type of earthing material. Our motto is safe and cheap earthing to all over. We are committed towards putting in consistent efforts for safe earthing in this field. This is also done by our new developed "sor earthing electrode" with dual pipe technology.

The quality checks conducted by us are based on the parameters of material strength, fabrication process, galvanization process, thickness of the coatings and the verticality of tower using theodolites. Further, owing to the quality, we are serving various clients including the police, military, BSF and SSB from all over India. read more

Product Range


  • All voltage level appliance at domestic & commercial.
  • Metallic Equipment body earthing.
  • Transmission, Distribution & telecommunication system.
  • Power generating station and substation.

  • Lighting Arrester earthing.
  • Three phase(Transformer) neutral earthing.
  • Sensitive electronic equipment.
  • At where electrical safety necessary.